Norman's difference

“I’ve seen a lot of stuff”... this is how Norman simply and truthfully expresses his difference.  He has gained a broad and deep perspective on the business world via his unusual combination of experience, across chairmanships of private equity-backed companies, board roles with US listed companies and service on the executive committee of one of the world's largest companies. 

The world of global corporate giants, their complexities, structures, politics and governance models, has brought him one range of knowledge and wisdom, while the rapid-fire fluidity of private equity has developed a highly contrasting range of assets.  He admits to feeling more naturally “at home” in the context of Private Equity, where he can let his original views on business and life be more freely expressed.

Norman’s fascination with what makes transitions work pervades every aspect of all he does.  He loves to ponder what makes person X succeed and person Y fail.  The intellectual challenge of understanding the complex relationship between experience sets, job requirements and cultural environments is what truly excites Norman.  But he is far from being just a theorist: between research for his book, private equity CEO interviews and decades of diverse experience, he has scrutinised over a thousand leaders.  As he says - those profiles, and his comprehension of them, are the supporting evidence of what does and does not work.

As a man at the pinnacle of success in his own field, Norman loves to focus on giving.  He derives much pleasure from finding the opportunity to pass on and share what he has learnt, however easy or hard that has been.  And his underlying aim in so doing is, rather modestly,  “to avoid them making the same mistakes as me.” 

Norman sees life as full of possibilities.  His fans describe him as “thoughtful, high-impact, low-ego and very user-friendly!”  If you meet him, he will not leave you unchanged.