A deeply Calvinistic upbringing turned Norman into an unusally demanding person. His exacting approach extends to his expectations of work, clients and colleagues as well as himself.  Now he has left the corporate world (a conscious decision planned years before putting it into action) he admits to choosing to work only with people he likes, who take a smart and energetic approach to their own challenges. 

Norman is a man of passion - he expresses himself with intensity and enthusiasm, and is constantly exploring new and different ways to approach life and work.  Coming from a highly conventional Scottish family background, he intuitively sought out an atypical path from early on.  He studied business and management for their practicality, but this did not stop him from travelling the “hippy trail” before he started.  He worked in large companies, but looked for meaning with poets and thinkers as well as more traditional management experts. He has no intention whatever of retiring, and yet he does manage to work only part-time, and to fit plenty of pro bono work into his schedule.  His excitement when talking about his latest project in Africa, or discovering the world of digital gurus is a pleasure to behold. 

The search for the novel, born of being “never satisfied” and “bored easily”, has led Norman to a broad lifeview, that is very finely tuned by his experience.  He takes a holistic approach to his own daily life, as he does in the corporations he advises.  His recommendations emphasise achieving balance between work, friends and family and the self, on the basis that most of us grossly neglect our selves. Norman knows that if we work on becoming more positively self-ish, we improve our entire environment - both social and professional.  He models this behaviour rigorously himself and nurtures and inspires it in his clients.

If you have the chance to work with him as a client, he will show you how to understand and appreciate this holistic approach and consequently to find balance and fulfillment across all aspects of your life, from your business strategy, to your human interactions and physical and spiritual wellbeing.  He is as likely to offer his advice to a Fortune 100 CEO as he is to a young future leader in a startup...