Norman's work spans a broad range of activities, including:

  • Private Equity work: assessing and appointing management teams, and working with them to drive optimal value creation 
  • Leadership Development: his own program for future CEOs is among the very best, calling on fellow experts to offer an exceptional experience; his corporate interventions on maximising team effectiveness are also very highly rated 
  • CEO advisory work: Norman works with CEOs one-on-one, towards maximum individual performance.  He also works with these leaders on team upgrading and organizational alignment issues.
  • Personalised career advice and transition support

And how he does it

The depth and breadth of Norman’s experience qualify him to advise on more or less any imaginable angle where the human meets the strategic.  The knowledge, wisdom and empathy that he has derived from exposure to the top of global corporate giants and rapid-growth start-ups (as well as everything in between) create a safe place for you to entrust your most complex organizational issues.

Norman will aim to broaden your perspective, to look at the issues you have in a holistic way, and to challenge you to address questions about yourself you currently dare not tackle.  He himself has passed through arduous self-searching and will help you to do the same. 

The underlying belief is that, of the multiple factors that lead to strong and lasting career success, expertise and delivery of work are only one part.  Norman will nurture you on your path towards all the other, less tangible, factors, using the appropriate tool for each aspect.  He will not hesitate to use poetry, pilates or philosophy, if those are what you need.

A desire for rapid intervention, with high early impact, leads to short engagements.  Norman is a great believer in getting the majority of the work done in the first three months, so you will not need to wait long for change, if you are willing to meet his conditions.  However, the results are long-lasting, and his ideas remain relevant for a lifetime.