What people say

Norman has a unanimously profound effect on all those with whom he works. However, it is important to understand that he is quite clear as to how and why he is able to touch so deeply: in his turn he has collaborated with outstanding people, and uses his empathy and desire to learn from them, in order to shape his thinking...

« High impact, low ego and very user-friendly. »

« Norman is one of those rare senior business advisors who understands the dynamics of leadership and how its exercise must be customised to both the people who embrace it and the objectives it has to be deployed against.  His extensive experience in helping forge high performance executive teams in multiple businesses and geographies is a source of great inspiration and reassurance to his clients»

« Norman’s greatest contribution is to help organizations achieve superior performance by finding and nurturing leadership talent. He has a thorough understanding of how leaders perform and develop and deep insights into the inner workings of executive boards.  On the personal level, Norman role models why and how authenticity is the single most important quality of leadership. »

« He delivers differentiated service and insights; great value for money. Thoughtful, hard-hitting and objective assessment of management teams. Trusted advisor to senior executives; sets clear objectives and guides people to right outcomes. Deep reservoir of executive relationships around the world - both top level management and granular functional expertise. »

« Norman brings unusual clarity to all people-related business areas.  He has been invaluable during a period when the organisation was going through a period of dramatic change, from assisting with the recruitment of the management team, to advising on strengthening the HR function and providing continuous sensible advice to the CEO.  He manages to blend real empathy for the objective with a direct and no-nonsense approach. »

« Norman is one of those people who simply gets it.  He has that rare quality of being an excellent listener which, combined with a long and distinguished career in HR, gives him an ability to advise across all aspects of leadership and human capital. »