Norman grew up in the UK, but has chosen to develop his career and his life away from his native Scotland for more than twenty five years.  This is a reflection of his taste for exploration, including geographical, cultural and philosophical. 

From early years at Ford Motor Company, he moved on to increasingly important regional and then global HR roles at Grand Met and Kraft Jacobs Suchard, culminating in the ultimate strategic role as HR leader in the (at the time) world’s largest merger that became Novartis.  Here he was stretched to become a consummate leader, working on integrating and developing companies, cultures, individuals and teams into the giant success the healthcare company has become.

In 2003, Norman took the opportunity to evolve beyond the corporate chapter of his professional life, having promised himself he would do so before the age of fifty.  Shortly after this shift to absolute independence, he co-wrote an important book called “Leadership Passages”.  And more than ten years on, the book is still being read, recommended, quoted and enjoyed.

Since the publication of the book, Norman has spent his time doing high level consulting, coaching and advising individuals and companies on all aspects of global HR strategy. He has a profound understanding of organization dynamics, effectiveness and the key levers leaders have to drive value. Much of his energy has been invested in his work as senior advisor to global private equity firms. To date, Norman has interviewed and evaluated, assessed and developed more than five hundred CEOs, and he positively relishes the fluid, and unpredictable “fulcrum of intelligence” in which he operates in the private equity field.  Clients turn to him for his sharp understanding of the relentless stresses and challenges of the corporate world, and his wise, balanced and experienced hand in supporting them while navigating these. 

His energy is boundless, and Norman is always planning the next event - be it skiing next winter, developing an ambitious CEO retreat or carrying out some pro bono work in Africa....